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Hands on engineer with well over 20 years of industry experience building on the web. From the early days of battling with Internet Explorer to the latest in serverless cloud native architectures designed to scale for millions of users, I have seen and experienced quite a bit. I believe that software engineering is an art and we are artisans, constantly striving to learn and improve in my craft. I always look for simple yet elegant solutions to the most complex problems, but am most satisfied when I hear that someone enjoyed using the software I helped create.


Cash App (Block Inc.)

Staff Software Engineer - IC7

Nov. 2021 - Present

  • Technical lead for Web Design Systems on the Cash App Core Web Team.
  • Set a vision for and led the development of a design system infrastructure that automated generation of UI components and design artifacts to various client platforms (web, ios, android, etc) from a single source of truth.
  • Served as a technical leader across multiple web teams and projects across Cash App.

UKG Inc.

Sr. Principal Architect

Jun. 2021 - Nov. 2021

  • Driving user experience unification strategy across the product suite, especially after merge with Kronos and rebranding as a new combined company.
  • Help promote best practices and modern approaches to front end engineering across the organization.
  • Leveling up other engineers via mentorship, pair programming and leading by example as a hand-on architect.

Newfold Digital

Principal Staff Engineer

Nov. 2020 - Nov. 2021

  • Served on Technical Leadership Team at Bluehost focused on Frontend Architecture prior to Endurance Group International merging with
  • Helped set the guidance for breaking up large react frontend monolith into a microfrontend architecture using webpack module federation and Nx monorepo tooling.
  • After aquisition and merging with, acted as a principal frontend expert in combining offerings from both legacy organizations and tech stacks into a new unified solution.

UKG Inc.

Sr. Software Architect

Jul. 2016 - Jun. 2021

  • Responsible for the entire "Product Experience" group at UKG which encompasses our Mobile/Web Front End platform, Design System / Component Library, and Cross-Cutting UI and backend services that are shared across products.
  • Architect for "UltiPro" mobile app, with over 5 million downloads in the app stores. This is UKG's flagship mobile app for their Pro HCM suite and integrates with all of our offerings.
  • Established and championed mono-repo strategy (Nx) for front end development at UKG which enables our dev teams to build and write code once and deploy to web or mobile app.
  • Mentoring and guiding other engineers on coding best practices as well as collaborating with teams across our diverse product domains.

Ultimate Software, Inc.

Technical User Experience Designer

Feb. 2015 - Jun. 2016

  • Work with modern front-end technologies to produce interactive prototypes capable of simulating user flows and support usability engineering studies.
  • Collaborate with UX designers, business managers, software engineers, researchers and architects to enable the design process, encourage productive dialog, and help the design team solve technical design problems as they arise.
  • Contribute toward the establishment and documentation of UX/UI patterns in the company style guide, while evangelizing best practices for front-end development across the development teams.

Ultimate Software, Inc.

Iteration Manager / Lead Process Engineer

Nov. 2013 - Jan. 2015

  • Utilized agile and kanban principles to get team operating at an optimal and sustainable pace.
  • Collaborate with product owners to determine priorities and accurately estimate size/turnaround time of features.
  • Remove impediments and serve the team to ensure both business and personal career goals are met.

Ultimate Software, Inc.

Software Engineer

Jan. 2012 - Nov. 2013

  • Developer on the Platform/Architecture Team
  • Responsible for building new framework features along with improving legacy code to increase quality, testability, performance, and scalability.
  • Utilizing Test Driven Development (TDD) approach to software development.
  • Conducted interviews/coding tests for prospective candidates seeking development positions.
  • Ultimate Software ranked #9 in the 100 Best Companies to Work For 2013 by Fortune Magazine.

XS Web Solutions Corp

President / Consultant

Jan. 2004 - Present

  • Provide software architecture consulting and development for small businesses and startups.
  • Helped take companies from proof of concept to fully cloud native architectures.
  • Promote infrastructure as code best practices for devops using tools like Terraform.
  • Experience with major cloud providers like GCP, AWS, and Azure as well as on-premise VMs and Docker.
  • Managed web hosting services for small business as well as providing guidance and advice for e-commerce, SEO, social media marketing, Wordpress, etc.

Senior Developer / DBA

Apr. 2009 - December 2011

  • Design and development of multiple store front ends.
  • Developed custom backend administration for CRM, Reporting, and Business Operations.
  • Developed a secure web service API that provides business data and logic to store front ends.
  • Developed affiliate tracking and reporting system, including automated payments.
  • All development done on self-made PHP MVC Framework and ORM.

Web Developer / DBA

Feb. 2007 - Dec. 2007

  • Design and development of database design to manage a subscription based online media product
  • Responsible for back-end and front-end development of company‚Äôs web based media products
  • Conceptualization and development of an administrative web interface for client statistics and product management
  • Group planning of new Macromedia Flash based media products using the On2 Video Codec
  • Maintenance and User Interface improvements of network of HTML and Flash hybrid sites
  • Developed PHP web service for use by ActionScript based front end using amfPHP
  • Worked daily with: PHP, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, ActionScript (Flash), XML, MySQL / DemandX

Web Developer

Aug. 2005 - Nov. 2006

  • Created an embeddable web-based video player that could insert affiliate ads based on user profiles
  • Full stack development included managing database of thousands of visitors and hundreds of affiliates
  • Developed a CMS to manage from a top level perspective, as well as customer level perspective based on ACLs


Florida Atlantic University - Boca Raton, Florida

M.S., Computer Science — 2013

B.S., Computer Science — 2009

Professional and/or personal references furnished upon request.

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